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Modria provides a RESTful API that enables you to build a custom Resolution Center. Using the Modria APIs, you can:

  • Create users
  • File a case
  • Access case details
  • Access case files
  • Access case timeline
  • Take action on a case
  • Generate reports
  • Get a list of one or more disputes, based on a search
  • Get all the details of the dispute (custom fields, timeline, chat, documents, assigned contacts, tasks)
  • Run a task or a user action against a dispute
  • Update and manage contacts

The following chapters lead you through the process of using the APIs:

Revision History

Revision DateDescription of Changes
8/12/2016Added new parameters to the getDashboardList and getDashboardReports methods of the Reports API.

Added the getcaseListByFieldName and getCaseListFiltersWithDomainName methods to the Dispute API.

Modified the getcaseList method of the Dispute API to limit the number of pages returned to a maximum of 100.

Added the getDocumentLink and getCaselistDownloadlink methods to the Document API.

6/20/2016Added the Messages API.

Added the Button API.

Made the following updates to the Contact API:

Added totalContacts, timezoneRegion, timeZone, and dateTimeFormat response parameters to the following resources:

  • getMyContactDetails
  • getContactsByCriteria
  • getContactDetails
  • getContactsByRole
  • getContactsByDispute

Added timezoneRegion, timeZone, and dateFormat request parameters to the following resources:

  • submitContact
  • updateContactDetails

Added timeZoneList, dateTimeFormatList, defaultTimeZoneRegion, defaultTimeZoneOffset, and defaultTimeFormat response parameters to the following resource:

  • getAddContactFormData
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